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New Patients

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How to prepare for your first visit:

 Masks are required in health care settings.   

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  1. Wear comfortable clothing. Patients remove just their socks and shoes to get ready for treatment.You will need to be able to roll up your pants to the knees and sleeves to the elbows. We employ points that are easily accessible on the arms and legs and head to treat everything on the whole body with great results. 

  2. Arrive 10 - 15 minutes early, if possible, to check in, complete patient forms (see below), and visit the restroom. 

  3. After you consult with the acupuncturist, we will lead you to a comfortable recliner in our tranquil community room for a treatment. We always check first with one pin to see if you can work with them. Most find the sensation to be mild. Please allow 45-60 minutes from your appointment time.​

  4. Afterwards, we provide you with a treatment plan (frequency of visits) for your condition. Regular, frequent acupuncture treatment is what leads to results and relief. Often, the benefits of the treatments build on each other. 

If possible, Click links /Download / Print /  and Complete

Both Patient Forms below:

Welcome Letter

Patient Health History / Consent

The forms can also be completed at the clinic.

New Patients: Services
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